Do You Need IDX for Your Real Estate Website?

You’ve probably come across many articles, bloggers, and some internet marketers saying you don’t need IDX on your real estate website. Their reason is that the top 10 real estate websites led by Zillow, Trulia, and, account for about half of all website traffic, and therefore, it is “useless” and “a waste of money” to try to compete with them.The term IDX gets thrown around a lot. When people hear IDX, they automatically think it’s just home search for your real estate website. While property search is the main component of IDX, many don’t realize how to utilize it to the fullest and the valuable lead-generating tools it provides.Besides providing home search on your website, I’m going to explain some reasons why IDX is a must-have for any real estate website.”Product” of Your BusinessWhen speaking to real estate professionals, I always make this analogy. As a real estate professional, you are a business. You can think of your real estate website as your “store”. The MLS listings on your website are your “inventory”. The listings are all the products that exist in your “store” where visitors can browse around and purchase. What happens when you have somebody visit your “store” but you have no product to offer? That person would do exactly what you and I would do… leave and go somewhere else where there is a product to look at and possibly purchase.These are valuable leads you will be losing if you don’t have IDX on your real estate website. Unless you are solely generating business on referrals, your website (store) must have IDX (product).You Can Build Listing PagesIDX gives you access to all the hundreds to thousands of listings in your MLS. Like I mentioned above, this is your inventory, and it’s like having thousands of products on your website.Having access to all the listings, you can create listing pages that focus on specific search criteria. For example, you can create a listing page that shows all listings under a specific price. Or you can create a listing page that displays listings in a specific subdivision, area, community, or school district. These listing pages provide a better experience for users in that they help direct your real estate website visitors to listings they are looking for. Even more valuable is that these listing pages are search engine friendly which is what I will talk about next.Generate Leads from Google SearchAll of your IDX pages that a platform provides are SEO friendly and are indexed by Google, Bing, and all other major search engines. This means all the listing pages within the IDX system are indexed by Google and is an excellent source of organic leads. For example, for one of our clients, we created an IDX page that displays homes for sale in the school district of Squires Elementary.Look at what happens when you Google”Homes for Sale Squires Elementary School District”Yes, our client using our website with IDX is ranked #1 out of 1,640,000 Google search results above Zillow and!With IDX you can build hundreds of these real estate listings pages and all of them will appear in Google search results! Do you still think you can’t compete with Zillow?Platform and Tools for Your ClientsIDX is much more that just property search for your real estate website. Many oversee or are unaware of the valuable tools that you will be providing to your clients. IDX takes your real estate website to the next level by providing a platform for your clients. Your website visitors can create an account right on your real estate website to utilize the IDX tools such as saving favorite listings and favorite searches. It’s an experience that your clients expect and will always come back to.Automatically Email Latest Listings to Your LeadsAn IDX system will be able to send your leads the latest listings automatically by email based on their search criteria. You can think of this as lead nurturing with listings. The user can define searches themselves right on your website in which they want to receive the latest listings for. This is a completely automated process that will stay in touch with all your leads. When they see a listing they are interested in, they just contact you.A Place for Your Existing Clients to Come Back ToIf you’ve built a relationship with your existing clients, they will use your real estate website when they are looking to purchase a home again. They already trust you and your website is familiar to them. They will already have an account within your IDX system where they can just log in to perform their searches and utilize the tools you provide. If you don’t provide home search on your real estate website where will all your clients go? Yes… somewhere else.Landing Pages + IDX = Powerful Lead GenerationUtilizing landing pages is a very popular method of generating leads especially on Facebook. When you combine landing pages with IDX, you create a very effective and powerful lead generating system.You can create listing pages within IDX and utilize those pages for your landing pages. For example, you can promote a landing page that gives users access to all homes under $600K in the city of Clairemont. When a lead completes the form of your landing page, you can direct them to a listing page in your IDX system that displays these listings. Without IDX on your real estate website, a system like this would not be possible.Offering a Much More Personal ExperienceLarge real estate websites such as Zillow and are very commercialized and can be intimidating to a user. Your website is much more personable and offers trust and a level of comfort. Since your website will be focused on an area, this will also be much more familiar to your website visitors as they will know you are a real estate expert in the area they are looking to purchase.Do you need IDX on your real estate website? YES. IDX is a must-have for your website for all the reasons mentioned above. The cost of having IDX on your website is very minute compared to all the benefits you will get from it. Closing just one deal generated from your website with IDX can pay for your IDX and website service for 5-10 years!All you have to do is look at the websites of the most successful real estate agents. Do they have IDX on their real estate website?

Health Care Reform – A Small Business and Vending Operator Perspective

Introduction – The Health Care Reform Bill, H.R. 3590The health care reform bill, H.R. 3590, is a highly contested item for debate, even with its passing earlier this week. We have seen the ‘ups and downs’ of thought on both sides of the fence, from the partisan tactics of Washington, to the common opinions of middle-class women and men.We have seen response in all avenues of media, whether it be television, radio or newspaper. We have seen millions of responses worldwide to the adaptation of this bill, and all of the follies and fancies that come with it. However, the ease is unwary, and the mood a bit shaky, as we all pass through our collective American conscious and opinions on the various reasons why we are for or against it.This change is not a mere reflection of all things considered, but a much deeper concern. It is one idea that rests on the laurels of all American people, from the heartland to big city. Essentially, our perspectives are being noted in our democratic efforts to speak what we think, and to be resolute in our affirmations on the subject. With that being said, one such industry that is undergoing change in lieu of this bill is the vending machine industry.Summarizing Some Elements of The BillTo get a firmer grasp on the bill itself, here is an introduction to the generalities of it. The national health care reform bill, or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is a 2,393 page bill (as of right now) that reflects momentous changes to the health care system, and as well to many other facilities that relate to precursors of the health care system and individual health.First, it must be noted that a vending machine business operator is classified as an entrepreneur. In addition, under the new health care bill, there are options for small business professionals and entrepreneurs. If you classify as being self-employed, as most entrepreneurs are, by 2014 you may qualify to receive government subsidies or Medicaid. As well, preexisting conditions are thrown out, and you cannot be denied insurance for them.For The Small Business OwnerThere are some concerns however. Particularly, the caps to insurance policies are not hard coded, meaning that insurance premiums by 2014 will most likely rise considerably from insurance companies upping the rates.For small business owners, if you have 50 or more employees, you are required to provide health care to them, under the reform bill. If you do not, you will be faced with a fine. How much this fine is for is up to debate, but one thing is certain, you could be penalized for the above mentioned.If you are a small business owner with less than 50 employees, you will not be required to provide this mandatory health care opt-in.Small business owners could potentially see tax credits for 2010 and beyond. If the business has fewer than 25 employees, and it pays at minimum 50% of the health care premiums for their employees, they would qualify for a tax credit up to 35% of your premiums, and by 2014, that number could be increased to 50%. This tax credit is not available for sole proprietors though, which is one caveat.As far as personal coverage goes, by 2014, you will be required to opt-in for health insurance, or also face a fine. However, if more than 8% of your income goes to the cheapest available plan, you will not face a fine.For the taxpayer who makes over $200,000 dollars individually or $250,000 dollars as a family, the Medicare tax rate will be augmented from a 1.45% to 2.35% tax rate. If a small business owner receives capital gains or other income based on interest (such as dividends), there could be a larger hike to their Medicaid tax rate as well.For The Vending Machine Operator/BusinessFor the vending machine operator especially, this new legislation introduces the necessity for the owner to include nutritional labeling on their vending machines, if they have 20 or more of them. Opinion is divided between the change, but one thing is certain. For the small to medium vending machine business owner, it will take time and money to implement.Particularly, it will cost money to print and attach the nutritional labels to the machines, and say if it was $10 dollars per label and you had 200 machines, that would be $2,000 dollars overall. For a small to medium sized business that still is a lot of money.Also, if product does change in the machine the owner will have to keep the label up-to-date, which means a new label will have to be made, and more money will go out of the pockets of the vending machine business owners.Essentially what this debate centers on is small business versus big business. In general, a big business can incur the costs associated with labeling the vending machines at their locations, but the real burden could potentially be felt by smaller sized business owners.For The FutureTax burden could be felt over several different areas in the future for business owners. One such being the so-called “soda tax” which is reported as being around $0.03 cents for every soda sale. For the soda tax, consensus points to factors such as the relationship between full-calorie sodas and obesity, and a root solution would be the tax. The tax is seen as a deterrent for people making unhealthy choices, and also a revenue generator for tax income. However, the future is uncertain for the soda tax, but it could become a reality within the next 5 years if enough proponents get behind the idea.As consensus still shifts from the various arguing points of the bill, over the “pros and cons” and individual merits of this legislation, one thing is certain. The small business owner will face different challenges over the next few years, as well adaptations that could potentially be seen, in the face of all this – Senate Considers Federal Tax On Soda.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Swimming?

Swimming can be a fantastic exercise routine. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, swimming has been found as ideal for calming the mind of the individual undertaking it. In summer season, it can serve as an outstanding workout alternative, which assists you melt away calories, whilst trying to cool off your body. Swimming gives you the very best of both worlds. Similarly, it gives you the cardiovascular advantages of running and on the other hand, it paves way to accomplish weight lifting durability building benefits. The reservoir of swimming health advantages is absolutely extensive, making the aerobic exercise sought after these days. Let us discover more about the health advantages of swimming.Listed here are only few of the many health benefits of swimming.Swimming assists the body to maintain the wellness of the heart thus ensuring the prolongation of regular blood pressure and right cholesterol level.
Swimming aids in reducing the risks of getting stroke related ailment like hypertension and heart attack. It is likewise beneficial to the lungs because it helps strengthen the respiratory system. Swimming is likewise favorable for people with diabetes.
Through swimming regularly, you can enhance the elasticity of your joints and boost your physical endurance while doing your workout routine.
Swimming is another fantastic way for you to lose weight.
It is ideal for those individuals who have a difficult time performing weight-bearing, land-based physical exercises. This is due to your weight in water is approximately 1/10 of your bodyweight on land.
Swimming is also best for soon to be mom and for people who are suffering from arthritis and back pain because it can help in relieving pains associated in this ailment. Swimming is the best workout for you.
Swimming reduces the chance of injuries out of physical exercise. Therefore, it is simple to try out this wonderful workout and relish the health fitness advantages it provides, with no hooked up danger.
Swimming can assist you to develop stamina, muscle durability and cardio-vascular conditioning.
Swimming can be a warm up or cool down exercise. You can do this even after strenuous exercise.
Through it almost all muscles and body parts are moving particularly your arms and legs which indicates that it is an ideal workout for everybody not only for you.
If you’re a post surgery patient, swimming can help for your fast recovery because it assists to avoid muscle atrophy.
Lastly, it can be very helpful to you mind and body because it has a soothing effect which helps regulate breath and blood circulation.These are only few benefits of swimming. You can find out the other benefits by consulting your doctor or osteopath.