Your Health Is In Your Hands – Choose To Be Healthy For Life – Make Choices For Your Health Today

Why is it that so many of us wait till we experience problems before we try to make changes for our health and well-being? Most of us already have a good basic knowledge about health, yet we tend to push it aside or ignore it.· It is only when we are overweight that we think of eating a healthy diet.
· It is only when we suffer from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or osteoporosis, etc., that we think of healthy lifestyles and choices.
· It is only when we start getting short of breath that we try to do exercises… and so the list
goes on.Think about it for a moment – if we bought a new car we would take good care of it because we would want it to last long and run efficiently.We would:
· make sure only the correct fuel was put into it and that it never ran out of fuel
· make sure it had sufficient oil and water
· make sure everything was working properly
· make sure we used the car – gave it a regular run to charge the battery etc
· stop immediately and get help if there was something wrong
· make sure it was kept clean and housed properly
· make sure everything was serviced, greased and cared for according to the manufacturers
handbookWhy do we not do the same for our bodies? The analogy is obvious. Think of each point in relation to your health and how you care for your body.We eat irregular meals then fill up with all sorts of junk food, we overwork ourselves, we do not get enough rest, we do not keep properly hydrated, we often get insufficient exercise, we continue pushing ourselves even when we are aware that something is wrong etc, till we eventually “burn out.”Our bodies need care and attention for our best health.
· We need to eat the right food types in the correct proportions
· We need to keep ourselves properly hydrated
· We need to use our whole body – physically and mentally to keep fit
· We need to pay immediate attention to anything that seems wrong
· Your total health is far more than just an absence of sickness – it includes every aspect of your life-housing, hygiene, rest, relationships and much more.There is a big difference between knowing and doing – it only takes a short time to learn something, but it takes a lifetime to put into practice.Start thinking about your future health NOW while you are still young and fit. Think of your children’s future health too. Learn about keeping your body functioning at its peak. Take the necessary steps to build your future health today. Build new habits and a new lifestyle – your health is at stake!We only live once and we only have one body. Respect your body. Care for your body and your body will reward you with health.Your health and your life are in YOUR hands. You can make the necessary changes to enhance your health. You can start today. Live well for your good health!

Health Care Administration – Online Studies

Health care is typically discussed in regards to doctors and nurses. However, there are numerous individuals who work behind the scenes in a hospital or doctor’s office. A large part of what goes into running a hospital is dealt with at the administrative level. Without individuals thinking about the big picture inside the walls of the health care industry a hospital would not run smoothly. A number of accredited online colleges offer degree distinctions in health care administration.Administrators in this line of work plan and supervise the services rendered to patients by all the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Individuals working in this capacity help the organization they work for stay up to date on the latest medical technology and trends. Schooling in this area can help prospective students gain a career in a variety of areas and specialties. Degree holding students will have the ability to oversee an entire medical organization or be the head administrator for a specific branch of a medical organization. Within the career description administrators will focus on the overall efficiency of the organization, direct activities, and oversee professional relationships between the doctors and community members.Numerous online colleges offer prospective students a wide range of study options. Students can earn a degree within the field from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate. Gaining a bachelor’s degree is the first step in entering the health care administration field. Study at this level will have students working through general concepts and analytical procedures needed to become a successful member in the health care industry. Courses will also teach students skills in financial management, statistics, economic evaluation, ethics, legal principles, and decision-making. This all-inclusive education will prepare individuals to work in entry-level management positions.Students that decide to further their education by obtaining a graduate degree have more options for online study than students who only earn a bachelor’s. Masters degree programs require almost no clinical courses, which makes at home study more efficient and beneficial. Coursework is specifically designed for already working professionals who can use the knowledge directly in their career. Online studies at this degree level prepare students for senior management positions within the field. Many different concentrations are available within a master’s program. For example, students can earn a degree to specifically be an administrator in finance and business. Individuals will have a positive increase in the number of careers available to them upon completion of a master’s degree.Individuals who continue on in education and gain a PhD in health care administration will study advanced concepts and principles. In general, students who earn a PhD have the goal to become professors and want to write about policy and medical procedures within the industry. A PhD is required to gain senior level management but a person with this degree will also be able to establish change within the industry.Start you career in the health care industry today. Search out accredited online colleges and universities that offer a degree program that fits your career goals and schedule.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by